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Routine Inspections

Periodic Routine Inspections are conducted every three months. You will receive an Entry Notice in the mail providing you with a minimum of seven days notice prior to the inspection. Note:At Routine Inspections, it is expected that dogs will be restrained in order for the Property Manager to inspect the yard.

Regular cleaning will help keep the Property in good order. Our Property Management team have compiled a list of the following areas that will be checked at these inspections. These are not just basic cleaning issues, but items that left unattended could cause long term damage to the Property.

  • Build up of mould/scum in showers, baths, walls & bases, on sealant between laminate & tiles of vanities, around bases of taps & in tracks of sliding shower screens;
  • Build up of mould/scum around kitchen sink taps, on sealant between laminate & tiles (particularly behind the sink area);
  • Build up of spilled & burnt-on material on & around hot plates, in drip trays & to a lesser degree, ovens – especially the roof & grills;
  • Accumulation of dirt in sliding window/door/wardrobe tracks;
  • Cleaning products being stored on kitchen/laundry/bathroom window sills, causing paint to peel;
  • Dirty areas in carpets eg. traffic area from kitchen/dining-lounge, outside bathrooms, around lounge chairs (provide some form of protection);
  • Flat batteries not being replaced in smoke alarms, removing or interfering with smoke alarms (this is illegal & is a Tenants responsibility throughout tenancy);
  • Oil spills on garage floor & driveways;
  • Build up of mould/slippery areas on paths/patio/driveways;
  • Weeds & grass growing in flower beds/courtyard areas;
  • Accumulated piles of garden trimmings heaped around the yard/courtyard;
  • Grass clippings being tipped on garden beds.

If you have any questions regarding Routine Inspections, please contact our Property Management team on 02 4872 3632