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As of 29 April 2015, all properties with a swimming pool or spa pool that are sold must have a valid swimming pool certificate of compliance. This includes any property with a swimming pool or spa pool that is on the market for lease at 29 April 2015.

All properties with a swimming pool safety barrier fence must be inspected and certified before the property can be leased or sold.

It is important to note that if you are intending to lease or sell your property in the near future, you are required to lodge a ‘Swimming Pool Compliance Certificate Application’ in order to obtain a certificate of compliance.

If you are intending on selling or leasing a property in the near future please be aware of potential council backlog of applications that could potentially delay the sale or lease of a property.

To download all the fact sheets visit:

To register your pool visit:


Hot tip for investors: When your property is up for rent, take a look at the advertising on the company’s website.  Does it look professional? Would you rent your property? What type of tenants is it likely to attract? Is that reflected in the marketing?

Small things like boosting the wording and taking better photos makes a huge difference to how many tenant applications you’ll choose from.


Tax depreciation is a great mystery to most investors.  Owners can claim, on most properties (if not all) depreciation on buildings, fixtures and fittings.   BMT offers a great service, check out their website for full details to to gain access to their tax depreciation calculator


Do you know your rights as a tenant?  For all the information, check out the Starting a Tenancy document from Fair Trading.


From March 1st 2014, the New South Wales Government and Fair Trading have introduced new safety measures to ensure the safety of young children. Every year around 50 children fall from a window or balcony, causing serious injury and in some cases fatality.

There will be changes made:

  • Strata schemes with residential lots will be required to install safety devices on all windows which present a risk to young children
  • Individual strata owners will be required to install the locks regardless of their schemes by-laws
  • The Residential Tenancies Regulation 2010 will require appropriate changes to be made to include window safety devices within condition reports for rental premises

To read more on Window and Balcony safety, please visit the NSW Fair Trading Website.